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>> Why Davis? <<

Yolei "That's the question we're all asking."

Davis "Can somebody PLEASE get her off my page already?!"

Well, why not Davish? (Sorry, sometimes I say his name like Veemon does. ^_^.)

I like making sites to cool characters. I wanted to do one for Davis 'cos he's my fave, and didn't seem to have many good shrines but I took a long time about it because I had to see enough of 02 to be -able- to make one.

Anyway, as is apparent by now, I have a thing for underdogs. If there is a character that lots of people dislike, or that the characters on the show itself bash, it makes me like them more. It's not often that an underdog is the main character, but in this case it's so, which is great for me 'cos it means my fave is on the air a lot. ^_^.

Why do I like Davish then? C'mon, despite the bright yellow gloves, you've gotta say he's cool. ^_^. He has the best songs, he looks cool (well, compared to Cody, TK and Ken - face it, Digimon heroes are not bishounen ^^;), he has decent clothes, he's funny, he's kind but sort of a bumbler, he's sheepish and blunt and endearing and... Davis. ^_^;;

Geez, I sound almost sentimental. Trust me, I'm not one of those people who get crushes on or become obsessed with anime characters. I just enjoy making sites and happened to capture so many pictures of Davis that it seemed a shame not to go through with finishing the site. ^_^.

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