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>> Veemon <<

"Supposedly, he's a fun-loving, adventure-seeking little Digimon that brings you good luck... but I thought he was just a legend." -Agumon (on Veemon)

Thanks to the nice people - Jup, WingZero and the Digiemporer - at Megchan's Davis board for helping me with some of the attacks. ^_^.

Davis has more Digimon than any other digidestined. ^_^. They're all pretty cool, too. Here are the forms.


This is Veemon's baby form. It looks like a blob of blue paint. ^_^; What more to say about it? It appears after the dedigivolution of Paildramon and is very cute. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have on tape any episode with Chibomon in it, so I don't have any pictures of it.


For some reason, Veemon always reverts to this In-training form when he is in the real world. DemiVeemon is cute and caring and has more of a baby-lisp than Veemon does.


DemiVeemon is much like a younger version of Veemon. He's still easy-going and friendly and enthusiastic and happy - just in miniature. ^_^. He is a little more childish in his attitudes and he's not quite so smart/articulate as Veemon (not that Veemon is an Einstein or Wilde himself). He can eat enormous quantities of food. ^_^.

DemiVeemon usually hides out somewhere at school while Davis is there. At other times he tends to ride around on Davis' head. ^_^. He also lives in Davis' sty of a room. Although Davis and DemiVeemon are not the masters of secrecy and discretion - for example, shouting and laughing in the bathroom while the whole Motomiya family was home - nobody in Davis' family seems to have discovered DemiVeemon's existence yet. ^_^;


Davis' best friend. They met when Davis first found and moved the digiegg of courage - he was trapped underneath the digiegg, so when it was lifted he was finally set free. Veemon is one of the few Digimon who can use the ancient powers of armour digivolving, so he was chosen to be Davis' partner. The quote at the top of the page was made when Veemon first appeared, and the description fits him pretty well.

Their friendship is a pretty equal one. I sorta think of it as the male equivalent of Mimi and Palmon's relationship in that human and Digimon have similar personalities and have most interests in common; they're on a pretty equal level although the Digimon looks up to the human a bit more.

Veemon and Davis

Sometimes Davis yells or snaps or is impatient toward Veemon but the Digimon never minds. Usually he's not really mad at Veemon but at something else and it's just reflected in his tone. Other than that minor detail, the two get along very well.

Veemon thinks Davis is just the coolest. He's always confident in his partner's abilities and usually agrees with him even when the others don't. He's very loyal and would do anything for Davis.

Gatomon "They deserve each other..."

Veemon "Davish!! Did you hear that?! Gatomon thinks I deserve you! And you're so cool that means she must like me!"

Davis "I dunno, buddy, somehow that didn't quite feel like a compliment to me..."

His attack is Vee Headbutt - a fairly uninspiring move where he throws himself head-first at an obstacle. ^_^;

Veemon is a little more childish than Davis in some ways; more innocent and friendly and cheerful, I think, and he doesn't understand everything about the human world. In other ways he's more mature than Davis. Unlike his partner, he isn't prone to jealous fits or much aggression.

Veemon is friends with everyone, although less so with Gatomon, who he has an unreturned crush on. Poor Davis and Veemon, comparing their sorry love lives... *lol* Anyway, Veemon is cheerful and easy-going and kind of happy-go-lucky. He always looks on the bright side and wants everyone else to be happy.


"Great view, isn't it?" is what Veemon said when he and Davis were chained to a cliff-face. ^_^;

Veemon is not the brightest of Digimon and has been known to say stupid and weird things, but you can't match him for enthusiasm. ^_^. He and Patamon seem to be particularly good friends, which is interesting considering that their human partners are not on the best terms. ^_^.


Flamedramon is Veemon's first armour digivolved form; he armour digivolves with the digiegg of courage. He describes himself as the "fire of courage".

Flamedramon's attacks are, unsurprisingly, fire-based. He is also a lizardy thing, like Agumon. I think he's a lizard, anyway. ^^;


I like Flamedramon. He's not as big as most of the other Champion or Armour level Digimon, and he has a pretty normal sort of voice. He's almost like a human; he seems like he has more personality than the other higher level Digimon, excepting Gatomon of course.

Anyway, Flamedramon is cool. ^_^. He's a better fighter than Raidramon. I don't know what the point of Raidramon is, then, except that maybe he's just easier for Davis to ride.

Flamedramon's attacks are Fire Rocket and Flaming Fist. Theoretically, Flaming Fist would be where his fist bursts into flame and he punches it forward and fireballs are thrown at the enemy. And Fire Rocket would be where his whole body blazes up and he charges at the enemy. But the dubbing is a bit messed up in this respect. ^^;


Raidramon is Veemon's other armour digivolved form; he armour digivolves with the digiegg of friendship. He describes himself as the "storm of friendship". It's interesting that Davis has the two strongest digieggs (what I mean is, Courage and Friendship were the two strongest in the first season, they were the only ones who reached Mega, and Davis got them *both*).


Raidramon has more electric attacks. He doesn't resemble Gabumon's digivolutions much although he has a vaguely canine shape, and, uhh, Gabumon's colour is blue. ^_^;;

Raidramon's main attack is Blue Thunder. Lightning gathers on his tail or his horn, and then blasts forward at the enemy. He also has an attack called Electric Bite which I've never seen him use (but he said he had it, in his Digimon Analyser bit), and an attack called Thunder Blast. Which is, I think, just another name for Blue Thunder.


This rare Digimon appeared when Davis used the golden digiegg, aka the "digiegg of miracles". At any rate, Davis was able to use it - it unleashed a lot of power in the form of golden light - and Veemon golden armour digivolved into Magnamon with "Golden Armour Energise!"

Golden digiegg

This digivolution was necessary because normal armour digivolved forms were no match for Ken's monster, Kimeramon. Magnamon put up a good fight, but it was only after Wormmon gave him his power that he managed to really kick butt and defeated Kimeramon - and consequently, the Digimon Emporer - once and for all.

The attacks he used were Magna Kick, Magna Punch, Magna Blast and Magna Explosion.

I think Magnamon is very cool. ^_^.


After the Emporer was gone and natural digivolutions were again possible, Davis was keen for Veemon to digivolve to Champion. (For the most noble reason that he wanted to impress Kari, *lol*) He set up some tricks to try to make Veemon digivolve, but none of them worked. Finally, Veemon successfully digivolved when Tortamon was going to eat Davis.


ExVeemon is also very cool - all of Davis' Digimon are. He's a pretty good physical fighter. His main attack is the V Laser, where a laser beam comes out of the mark on his chest and fires at the enemy. But he also fights with kicks and punches and all - XV Punch and XV Kick. He also has the attack Critical Crunch, which looked to me just like he was intercepting an attack and they dubbed words over it. ^_^;


When Davis and Ken were on the same wavelength and there was an enemy none of them could beat, their digivices reacted. Davis thought he could feel Ken's heartbeat - and then ExVeemon and Stingmon digivolved *together*. They DNA digivolved - became one - and their DNA digivolved form was called Paildramon, with strength comparable to that of an Ultimate. (Pail is pronounced Pah-eel - it's not a bucket.)


Paildramon is a most cool fighter. His attack is Desperado Blaster, where he fires multiple, quick shots out of his legs. Veemon and Wormmon both liked digivolving together. It was as though their mind fused into one as well as their body. Paildramon's voice sounds as though there are two people speaking at once.

The only downside is that Davis and Ken have to be around each other for a DNA digivolution to be possible; Stingmon and ExVeemon cannot reach Ultimate level alone. This isn't usually a problem, as the two boys are friends and work together well. It does mean that Ken has to sort of join the digidestined team.


When things were looking tough, Gennai came to the real world and gave the children Azulongmon's power - the power to digivolve. Now, the original eight were able to reach Ultimate level again, and Paildramon "mega digivolved" to Imperialdramon. Imperialdramon could travel the world very quickly by flying through space (I think the children were protected by a forcefield-thing on his back) and made it possible for the Digimon World Tour to take place. ^_^.

Ugly, isn't he ^_^.

For some reason, when Imperialdramon dedigivolves, he leaves Veemon and Wormmon - in their Rookie forms. I thought they'd at least be Baby Digimon from the amount of power that digivolution would take! Imperialdramon's attack is Positron Laser.

Imperialdramon is really the most powerful Digimon in 02, at least the most powerful Digimon the digidestined have. He's like the WarGreymon or MetalGarurumon of 02 - the others may be able to fight lesser battles without him, but ultimately he has to be there to win against the major baddies.

He's not just a Mega Digimon - he can become even stronger. When all the other digidestined Digimon sent their power to him, he was able to "Multex" to Fighter Mode. Imperialdramon in Fighter Mode stands on his hind legs and his fighting power is tripled. He has the same attack though.

Fighter Mode is cooler

Here is Imperialdramon, Fighter Mode. ^_^. He sorta digivolves to this form (he has a cool cg scene), although technically he is the same Digimon. It's just like a power-up, I guess. He said "Imperialdramon Multex... Fighter Mode!" to 'digivolve'. (I think he said Multex. ^_^;;)

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