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>> Ramblings <<

Here are some random thoughts.

Davis' clothes are pretty decent. He looks younger without his goggles on, I think. I don't know how he can wear goggles in public, even with the significance they have to him, but we all have weaknesses. Maybe it's because Kari said they looked cute. His clothes are good, except those yellow gloves he wears in digiworld. But you can't really blame him for them. ^_^;

Davis "Well, it sure beats the outfit Yolei got stuck with, anyway!"

"Huh? My clothes are totally cool! What are you talking about, Davis?"

I think the digidestined actually count on Davis a lot, although they don't really show it.

I think I am about the only Davis fan in the world who doesn't support Kensuke (Ken-Davis romantic pairing). I mean, Davis obviously likes girls, and Ken fathers three children with one... I don't know. I suppose there are a few dubious lines in the Digimon Emporer saga but I'd not consider them indicative of romance. Anyway, to each their own. (I can't say I'm a Daikari, Daikeru or Daiyako fan either. ^^;)

Davis said he's not good at drawing. I think this is his drawing of what he thinks Veemon's Champion form will look like. *lol*


Observation - all three of the characters I have shrines for (Davis, Mimi, Joe) were the three who were dubbed badly. By that I mean made to seem more stupid or pathetic than they were meant to be. But they're still cool, right? ^_-.

I hafta say I really like Davis' voice actor. I think the voice actor likes the character he voices. The voice is kind of funny without being annoying or grating or weird. I like his love-struck voice best, I think. Like in the oil platform, Kari asked him if he didn't think Cody should be the one to go, and he kind of blushes and says "of course, Cody should be the one to go" in this *great* voice. ^_^.

Davis the soccer star!

Is it just me or do those two pictures bear *slight similarity* to one another?

I haven't seen much of the Japanese version of Digimon (a few clips and episode 50) but I do like what I know of Daisuke. The name Daisuke is most cool too. Daiiiisuke! Makes me think of 'daisuki' which is one of the coolest words. ^_^; Better keep writing before I get the Ryoko Hirosue song stuck in my head. Oh, too late...

Anyway, Daisuke's voice is fantab. I've read the translations of his songs, and they're fantab too. He seems like he should have fangs. ^_^. He has the BEST songs. I really loved the lyrics to Goggle Boy. They fit him so perfectly, the song itself just rocks generally, and they're kind of poignant while mostly just being cool. ^_^.

One of the lines that stands out in my mind is when he says "they say I'm excessive, right? That's praise!" or something like that. 'Excessive' is a word I think really suits Daisuke (not Davis as much), and it conjures up a particular image in my mind that I can't really define or explain. Kind of a mixture of bravado, and talking in a loud, enthusiastic voice, and running into things, and having a messy room, and being impolite, and just that cuuute quality in Daisuke's voice... but no, I can't really describe it. I think it's a sort of anime thing. I could never think of 'excessive' as being fitting for a dubbed anime character, but there are a few Japanese-version characters that fit that description.

To continue babbling about songs, Daisuke and V-mon have the best Best Partner single. All three songs on it are great, and all of them are upbeat, singable and happy-fying. ^_^. I mean, if I just sit and listen to Goggle Boy, it always makes me feel happy... that funny, enthusiastic voice belting out the lyrics... 2-Top is so catchy and fun to sing, always puts me in a good mood. Go ahead has the best karaoke and is the easiest to sing. It's a real compliment for me to say a song makes me feel happy, and all three do.

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