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>> Quotes <<

Yolei "A whole page of Davis mouthing off? The world just doesn't need it..."


Coolest quotes

He may be stupid, but he's still a genius.

A manhole cover! I wasn't under the impression that they had those things in ancient Japan!

This new kid said I reminded him of someone. Probably thinks I'm a movie star!

The ground just ate our friends!

I was accidentally playing soccer indoors, and somehow a window broke!

Next time, you climb and I'll sit on YOUR head! (to DemiVeemon)

I'm happy! I'm happy!

Do I look stupid to you?!... never mind.

Okay, so you've messed up a few times, who hasn't?! I do it all the time!

Looks like someone didn't have their coffee this morning. (of Cody)

Well, now that we know where we need to get to, let's get to getting to it, got it?

Hey! Cody! This isn't a tour! Come ON!

Being a hero isn't always pretty.

C'mon Veemon, you're slower than the US mail!

Other cool Davis quotes

Who does he think he is, Moses?! (of BlackWarGreymon as he blasts water apart)

Hot dog!

When in doubt - deny, deny, deny!

You want courage? I'll show you courage!

I'm more worried about our friends right now!

You're gonna get it!

When I woke up this mornin' I was just a regular kid. When I go to bed tonight, I'll be king o' the world!

I really looked up to you, Ken! I dreamed of being just like you some day!

Angemon would have nothin' on you! (to Veemon about his future Champion form)

Everybody, I'd like you to meet ExVeemon - Champion Digimon extraordinaire!

Take me instead of the others!

Do it for the others. If it'll save our friends, obey the Emporer.

That's so funny I forgot to laugh.

Houston, we have a problem. (on seeing Ken's soccer skills)

He called me his worthy adversary!

Well, I don't have to flat-out beat 'im. if I can just make it a close game against a guy like that then I'd be a living legend. And everyone knows how much chicks dig living legends!

Whoa! My first time being downloaded. Pretty cool.

I bet he's home crying. "Mommy, those mean kids broke another one of my spires! Waaaah!"

Look, guys, we can't just give up and leave now!

She's MY sister and if I wanna call her names, that's what I'm gonna do! After all, that's what brothers are here for!

I so kicked butt out there, huh!

Doesn't anybody want my autograph?

Hey, that's not a safety belt, that's my hair! (to DemiVeemon)

I just can't forget what happened... We had to sit around and watch as this mix-n-match monster destroyed everything. It didn't matter who got in his way. I don't know about the rest of you, but I can't stand by and let that happen again!

I'm not as big a jerk as people think...

I think some of your hairspray leaked through to your brain. (to the Emporer)

Veemon, tell me right now if you can digivolve into Ange-something too! AngeDinosaurmon, AngeSoccerPlayermon?!

I know that's not very logical, but then again, neither am I.

Now's the time for action!

Now I'm beginning to understand what makes friendship so powerful. Y'have to be willing to do whatever it takes to protect them, 'cos they would do the same for you.

I still have to clean the dirt off your toenails, what were you doin', tap-dancin' in a frying pan?! (to DemiVeemon)

Well, you guys can count on me now!

This place has more bugs than a second-hand computer!

Why can't these guys ever be small?!

I've never been a quitter!

As much as I like you two arguing... he's heading right for us! (to Kari and TK)

The clock keeps tickin' away and I'm gettin' ticked off! I want some action!

Veemon! I'm your friend!


Why? WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?!! ... I'm alright now. -Veemon

I wanted to start getting more exercise, but running for my life wasn't what I had in mind! -Veemon

We're not that popular... -Veemon

I am Magnamon. I attack with my Golden Armour Attack, and I look so good doing it! -Magnamon

I'm very allergic to anchovies! -Veemon

DemiVeemon (proudly): Is there ANYTHING in the real world that Davis isn't the best at?
Gatomon: Yeah, being modest.

Again with the digivolving thing? -Veemon

I think I used too much V and not enough Headbutt... -Veemon

Gatomon: Does Davis always snore like that?
Veemon: Every night...
Gatomon: How do you sleep?!
Veemon: I don't...

I'm such a hothead... -Flamedramon

I know when something's wrong. And something's wrong. -Veemon

I can't stand it any more! Doesn't she know another song?! -ExVeemon (of Arukenimon's flute)

Hawkmon: This place is a real cultural desert.
Veemon: Did you say dessert?

Did I mention I don't even cheat at Solitaire? -Veemon

Chocolate always works! -Veemon

Cody: Where's your justice?!
Veemon: Yeah, that's all that's in here, just us!

Human girls make human boys act sorta weird... -Veemon

Don't worry about us, we've got Davis! What could possibly go wrong? -Veemon

You don't understand about friendship! -Flamedramon

Davis with Veemon

Veemon: Davis, tell me, what hurts?
Davis: Everything but my earlobes.

Davis: Go get 'im, Veemon!
Veemon: It'll be my pleasure!

Veemon: Gatomon wouldn't like me more if you could digivolve.
Davis: Well, it couldn't hurt; she doesn't like you now.

Davis: I've always considered myself a very clean person.
Veemon: It's a good thing he's never seen your room!

Flamedramon: Would you try to protect me if I was in danger, Davis?
Davis: Uhh... maybe.
Flamedramon: Maybe? Maybe?! What about definitely?!

Veemon: Well, I knew that behind that behind that king star was just a gutless, lowlife lacky of the Emporer with a jelly for a spine!
Davis: You could have told us!... and what did we say about name-calling?

Davis: My stomach is full...
DemiVeemon: You shouldn't eat so much in the morning!
Davis (opening a bag of chips): You ate twice as much as me! If you keep it up, you'll digivolve into Heavymon!

Davis: Have you noticed how chummy Kari and TK are together? Why do you think that is?
Veemon: Maybe they're identical twins that look completely different?

Veemon: Veemon, digivolve to... VEEEEEMON!
Davis: And what was that all about?!

Davis: Why won't anyone listen to me?!
Veemon: Whadja say?

DemiVeemon: Davis! DAVIS! DAAVIS! DAVIS! (Davis wakes up) Good morning! Sleep well?
Davis: Yeah, until I heard all that screamin'. The next time I tell you to wake me up, try to be a little quieter so I can get some sleep!

Veemon: Davis, what's the matter?
Davis: Kari hates me, she thinks I'm a disgusting, worthless piece of dirt!
Veemon (thinking): I've never seen Davis so depressed... I've gotta cheer him up! I know! *aloud* Knock knock!

Davis: And it's not just that he's a genius, he's an evil genius.
DemiVeemon: And a super evil genius at that!

DemiVeemon (sniffing): Smells like Davis!
Davis (entering room): Are you sayin' I stink?!
DemiVeemon (happy): It IS Davis!

Davis: I got a noogie! That means I'm one of the guys now!
DemiVeemon: I have a question. If you're one of the guys now, does that mean you used to be one of the girls, and how come you never told me about it?

Davis: Veemon, speak to me!
Veemon: You're kneeling on my tail...

About/to Davis

Stop fighting! Do I have to separate you two like a couple of children?! -Kari (to Davis and TK)

Good thing that wood's as thick as your head! -Yolei

He'd take credit for inventing the wheel. -Kari

You guys are classic! You fight just like an old married couple! -Ken (of Davis and Cody)

Davis is gonna mess this up again! -Yolei

I see I've neglected to factor in that you're one of those all-or-nothing types. -Digimon Emporer

Patamon risked his life to save him, and all you did was stand there and watch! -TK (about Veemon)

Why does he always have some hare-brained scheme he's trying to pull off? -Kari

You can do it, and even if you can't, we won't think any less of you, man! -Tai

You look good on camera! -Kari

They could be really cool like TK, or a jerk like Davis! -Yolei

It could be just my imagination, but I think my family's gone nuts... -June

Davis thought the date was a fraction! -Cody

Somehow, Davis always lands on his feet. -Gatomon

It isn't long, pretty boy. -Digimon Emporer

Whatever you decide to do, Davis, we trust you! -Cody

TK: Have you ever noticed that Davis always gets himself into these things?
Kari: Should we help them?
TK: Nah...

Kari: Good luck, Davis!
Yolei: Don't forget to hug Ken!
Tai: Give him a kiss, too!

TK: Talk about changing your mind all the time!
Yolei: Yeah, that's Davis in a nutshell.

Dialogue including Davis

Cody: Even Davis can't strike out all the time!
Davis: Oh yes I can!
Veemon: Uh, Davis, I don't think that's what you meant to say...

Davis: So did some dog chew on you?!
Ken: We have a verdict: you're ugly!

Davis: Then how does the story of the birds and bees go?
Cody: Uhh, later, Davis...

Yolei: This'll give you the chance to make new mistakes!
Davis: But I liked my old mistakes better!

Ken: What do you think you're doing, Davis?
Davis: Saving the world!

Emporer: I am a genius, I cannot lose to a child like you!
Davis: Like me?! You ARE like me!

TK: Wow, it looks like something out of a science fiction movie.
Davis: Yeah, 'n' I'm the hotshot pilot who resuces Princess Kari from the bad space guys!
Kari: He said science fiction, not complete fantasy.

Kari: Wow, this valley sure looks forbidden, alright.
Davis: A few duckies and bunnies would spruce it up!

Davis: Hey, I'm cool!
Tai: More like luke-warm!

TK: You guys got knocked off early; you didn't even make the playoffs!
Davis: Very funny, TE!

Davis: For example, didja see how Kari was openly rooting for TK when we played basketball?
Kari (in Davis' flashback): I... love... you... TK!
Veemon: Funny, I don't quite remember it like that...

Cody: It must have responded to the sincerity of Yolei's words!
Davis: I guess she sincerely thinks I'm a jerk...

Kari: Andromon, don't you remember us? We're your friends!
Davis: Kari, you're hangin' around with the wrong people!

Davis: Whaddya mean EXPLODE?!
Izzy: I mean explode, as in 'boom'?

Davis: There must be a hundred of 'em!
Yolei: Wow, you counted that high without even taking off your shoes and socks!

Yolei: I think this valley is kind of quaint and homey.
Davis: More like homely.

Davis: Whadda YOU know? You're a little kid!
Cody: Yeah, but I still know when someone's being a jerk!
Davis: Oh... you mean me...

Yolei: Do you have to keep banging your head, you're driving me crazy! It hurts just watching you!
Davis: I'll stop when you stop tapping your foot like that! It's RATHER ANNOYIN'!
Yolei: How about if I tap my foot on your head?!

Yolei: We'll draw straws, and whoever wins gets to go.
Armadillomon: It sounds fair to me.
Davis: Not me, I'm not good at drawin'!

Davis: It's my fault we're late... I had an appointment for a haircut, but when I looked in the mirror, I realised my hair was perfect!
TK: The problem is, he was looking in the mirror for over an hour!

June: Can I go too?
Davis: Sure you can go! Go AWAY!

Davis: Just make up some excuse to tell her, something like, we got picked up by the army for a secret mission to Mars!
Kari: If you told your parents that, they'd actually believe you?
Davis: Of course not, they don't believe anything I say!

Davis: I know you've done a lot of rotten things, but I don't think you're an evil person!
Ken: You don't?
Davis: No, the person who designed the school lunch menu, now that's evil!... that was a joke.

Tentomon: Welcome to my treehouse! Actually, it's not much of a treehouse since SkullGreymon disintegrated it, now it's more of a twighouse... that's okay, I was planning on redecorating anyway.
Davis: We don't care about your stupid tree, Tentomon.

Izzy: Okay okay, don't get your knickers in a twist, Davis, let's just find him!
Davis: What are knickers?

Davis: That's right! One for all and all for me!
TK: I... don't think that's how it goes.

Kari: Davis, sometimes you're so insensitive!
Davis: I'm so sensitive I use a special toothpaste so my teeth don't hurt when I eat icecream!

Davis: If I were given that chance, I'd be all over it like a bad suit!
Cody: Alright then, YOU go!
Davis: I can't go, because YOU'RE going!
Cody: I'm not going!
Hawkmon: To be honest, I can't tell which one of them is the youngest...

Yolei: You wanna know what my hobby is, Michael?
Davis: Boys don't count, Yolei...

Matt: He's not the only one who's got a lot to learn...
Davis: Great! Teach me!

TK: We can trap him by using you as bait.
Davis: Me?! Why do I have to be the one?!
TK: We have to use some kind of bait that we can do without!
Davis: Oh yeah, well we can easily do without your hat!

Davis: I don't wanna hurt anybody...
Tai: It's not about what you wanna do! It's about the things you have to do for friendship!

Matt: Or maybe it's meant for the one with the most friends.
Davis: Or maybe it's meant for the one with the fewest friends. Like me.

Tai: So you think you can lift it up?
Davis: Yeah, you just have to use physics.
Matt: Whaddya mean?
Davis: Y'see, in physics there's this little thing called equilibrium. When y'have two libriums that weigh the same as each other, they're equilibrium!
Tai: Makes perfect sense to me!
Davis (panicking): Uhh, you know guys, I - I was just makin' that stuff up, I really don't know anything about physics, I usually leave all that stuff up to professors, and scientists, and Izzy... I didn't think you'd take me seriously!
Matt: Uggh, I'm sick of all your blabbering Davis, you're the only one who hasn't tried yet, so just get in the hole! *Matt and Tai pick Davis up and forcibly throw him into the hole ^^;*

Davis: What makes you think we'll be able to defeat Ken and MetalGreymon?
TK: What makes you think we can't?!

Davis: Any bright ideas under that fancy hat?
TK: At least I'm trying, Goggle Head! And don't make fun of my hat!

Davis: There's a light at the end of the tunnel!
TK: Couldn't you think of something a little more original?

Tai: I'm starving, I can practically smell the cafeteria from here!
Davis: That's my peanut butter and jellybean sandwich I've had in my pocket since last week!

Reporter: Ken's talents include being able to play one game of chess while everyone watches... just last week he actually balanced world's biggest chequebook!... but that's not all! He's a champion in judo, and a star on the all-state soccer team. And girls, he's single!
Davis: Wow, he's almost as good as I am!

Davis: Am I great or what?
TK: If he keeps telling himself that, he might start to believe it.
Yolei: At least someone will...

Davis: I know you've done a lot of rotten things, but I don't think you're an evil person!
Ken: You don't?
Davis: No, the person who designed the school lunch menu, now that's evil!... that was a joke.

Yolei: By increasing the system memory, I'm expanding the D-terminal's capabilities.
Davis: Boy, do you know how to party...

June: What are you doing?
Davis: None of your business.
June: Looks like you're packing for a camping trip.
Davis: It's your imagination.
June: Are TK and the others going?
Davis: I can't remember.
June: So then, is Matt going camping too?
Davis: Matt moved to another country.

Davis: I can't even believe you're not worried about Kari's well-being, TA!
TK: T"A"?
Cody: He forgot how to spell TK!
(Everyone laughs)

Davis: Hawkmon, Yolei, where are you?
Everyone else: Hawkmon, Yolei, where are you?
Davis: This place has some echo!

Davis: It's gettin' pretty dark in these woods. Here, Kari, I'll hold your hand so you don't get scared!
Kari: I'm... not... scared.
TK: And it's not HER hand... it's MINE.

TK: Hey Davis, I almost forgot, I saw your sister today.
Davis: Yeah? So what?
TK: So, nothing...
Davis: She probably had a lot of bad things to say about me, didn't she?
TK: Well, actually -
Davis: I know, she said that I bite my toenails and spit them on the floor, and that I used to suck my thumb until about a month ago, that I wet the bed every other Thursday - that was laundry day so it was alright! - well, she talks to much and when I see her, I'm gonna teach her a lesson!
Matt: Thanks for sharing, but she didn't mention any of that.

Davis: But you and I are partners!
Kari: Sorry, Davis, but you already HAVE a partner.
Davis: Uh, you mean HIM?
DemiVeemon: Yeah, you gotta problem with dat?
Davis: It's just not the same...

Yolei: Sora told us all about you!
Mimi: I spoke to her, she told me about you too!
Davis: Hello, Mimi, my name's Davis, but you can call me... Davis.
Mimi: Yeah, she definitely told me about YOU...

Davis: It's way too early for lunch, let's keep walking.
Kari: I *am* a little hungry...
Davis (instant 180): I'm starved, let's eat!
TK: Why didn't *I* think of that...

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