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>> Personality <<

Davis "Well, I gotta say I do have an awesome personality!"

Kari "Keep telling yourself that, Davis..."

Davis "I will, thank you."

Davis is both extremely arrogant, and fairly self-effacing. At times he makes ridiculous boasts and is supremely confident (sometimes over-confident). At other times, he puts himself down or seems to doubt himself.

Nonetheless, he is mostly a confident person. He knows that he makes a lot of mistakes, but he doesn't try to cover it up or make excuses for himself - he just tries to do better. He is very big on not giving up and not backing down and is sometimes the last one standing. Whenever the others wanted to retreat, he would always insist on continuing to try, no matter what. It's partly because he hates to lose or back down, but he also really cares about people and doesn't want to leave enemies free to continue to hurt anyone.

He likes to be in the spotlight and likes to be in on things. He has been known to shove even Kari out the way when he wants to get somewhere. ^_^; He has a fairly forceful personality and tends to be pretty determined, strong and gutsy.

Although he can be a little bossy - he says things pretty bluntly and likes to get his own way - he does pull his own weight. He's not domineering or unfair. He's a real team player. When Yolei and Hawkmon were attacked by Dokugumon, Davis was the first there, rushing to help them back up, and he helped pull. When he was telling the Veggiemon how better to carry things, he was right there helping them to carry it. When he came up with the idea of building a sled, he didn't just give orders; he was making it too.

He takes his job seriously and never shirks; he is rarely late for digiworld things and is the only character who has gone on every trip made to the digiworld. He hates letting anyone down, although I think he rather enjoys playing the hero too; being active and appreciating adventure is part of his nature. He is a good fighter.

Although Davis can be counted on, he is not what teachers would consider reliable. He's not a particularly good student, he's untidy and eats a lot, he gets into trouble often (detentions etc) and his parents, apparently, "don't believe anything he says".

But then, Davis isn't a particularly dishonest person. I've thought that Sincerity would be quite a good crest for him; he is good at saying what he thinks and being honest about himself. He's very open - what you see is what you get, pretty much. He may be a jerk sometimes and he may feel dumb sometimes but he doesn't have hidden sides - his friends see all sides of him.

Continuing on with the idea of honesty, I can't think of much occasion where he ever does lie. He exaggerates sometimes, or goes off into little fantasies, or blows things out of proportion. Sometimes he jokes around... he doesn't share Cody and Joe's trait of always sticking by the rules and being polite, but no, I can't really think of a time when he outright lies, but he's got the sort of face that adults wouldn't trust, don't you think? ^_^.

Davis is not the most lucky of individuals though. His love life's hardly a shining success, he got stuck with a friend (TK) who outshines him at everything, everyone picks on him, he gets in trouble a lot, he has an annoying older sister and... well, there's just something about him; he's the type to get the bad luck predictably fall on him, whether it's losing a game of rock-scissors-paper or causing a landslide. In that respect, he's kind of the Joe of 02. ^_^.

But Davis is not a pessimist. He is kind of bumbling and funny and uncouth, and he's the butt of everyone's jokes, but he never lets it really get him down. He's too impulsive to dwell on things for too long and too seriously, and always thinks he can win eventually. That's not to say he can't take things seriously, but he is really not the depressed sort who agonises over things. If things are bad, well, he might feel uneasy until it's put right, but he won't waste any time in trying to set it right. He has an unquenchable enthusiasm.

I think he's a pretty cheerful person. He's friendly too, and confident, not afraid to talk to anyone or to offer friendship. He's kind of funny and eager and sheepish and silly... he's a bit dopey but cool. ^_^. He is a genuinely nice person. It seems that he's kind of immature and less talented/smart compared to the others, but he still has an important role. He's (arguably) the strongest and most enthusiastic fighter; as the most gung-ho, he's quick to go into action and the others usually follow his lead. He doesn't waste time and he can get impatient with those who stand around worrying about things rather than taking action.

Davis has the best quotes out of the 02 characters, I think. In 01, Joe had the best lines, because he was rather sarcastic and cynical. Davis can be sarcastic but he is not really 'deep' enough to bother with cynicism etc. His cool quotes tend to be in the form of puns (some of which are quite bad but others are okay) and can say stupid things or use strange language and comparisons.

Davis is not the brightest penny in the fountain but he's no fool. He probably wouldn't be a good student, but he doesn't have much patience with indoor activities anyway - he's an action man, is our Davis. ^_^. His intelligence is of a more practical form. I think he's smarter than the others give him credit for (and they don't give him much credit, if it comes to that).

I can't think of much more to say. *looks at the list of adjectives on intro page* Oh, he was a lot more arrogant and immature toward the beginning of the series. He had no sense; he would want to rush madly into any battle without thinking at all, and resented anyone contradicting him. He wouldn't listen to anyone except Kari, and could be quite rude, especially to TK. He plainly thought he was the coolest.

But he was taken down a few pegs since then. After the first dozen or so episodes, he became more of a team player. While he still wasn't the epitome of tact, self-control and humility, he treated everyone fairly equally. He didn't even always agree with Kari. ^_^.

It's hard to be comprehensive about a character like Davis; he's not really a two-dimensional character. For more on his personality, check out the intro, opposition and quotes pages, I guess. Also, here's a pic with a few different shots that I think show something of who Davis is.

The many sides of Motomiya ^_^.

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