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>> Opposition <<

Yes, there are people who don't like Davis!

Cody "Difficult though that is to believe..."

Davis "Hey! That was an insult, wasn't it! Why can't anybody ever say anything nice about me?!"

TK "Sorry, Davis. You know you're a cool guy."

Davis "Huh?! Something nice?!
That was... were you making fun of me?... or did you mean that?... that was...
Thanks, TF... but wait a sec... don't diss me!... or were you...
AAAAAAAUUUGH!!!" *runs off*

Patamon "TK, that was mean..."

I think he's not -very- likeable in the first half-a-dozen episodes or so but soon after that he shows a nicer side of his personality.

I don't know... he's a bit overbearing re. Kari in the first few episodes but other than that, I can't really see why anyone would dislike him. I think he's kind of goofy and uncertain and funny, a guy who tries his best even if he doesn't know what the thing to do is.

Some people call him a Tai-wannabe. Well, he does admire Tai, and the two have some things in common. Is it wrong to have a role model? ^_^;; Really, Davis isn't all that much like Tai. It's mostly *things* they have in common - eye colour, Courage's crest/digiegg, goggles, soccer fandom...

Okay, so some of the same adjectives could be applied to Davis as to Tai. Go-get-'em, brave, impetuous, insensitive... then, they have a lot of differences. Davis is more insecure, less unselfconscious. He's got more brashness, he's more aggressive, he's less sensible. I don't know, their attitudes are just different. But he's cooooooool! ^_^;;

A lot of Davis haters are Takari fans. I dunno, I think maybe Takari fans should be liking Davis because of their fandom - his existence provides more "hints" that TK and Kari like each other, and gives the whole relationshippy idea some friction and flavour. ^_^;; But yeah, Davis' behaviour toward Kari can be kind of annoying... although it is funny when he gets that doofy, love-struck expression on his face and starts talking like he's lost about 50 IQ points. ^_^. But he really *does* like Kari... and he *does* improve in the Kari-obsessing respect.

There are theories/rumours that one of the English-version script writers is anti-Davis. This wouldn't surprise me, really, considering the Davis-bashing on the show; the dub really lays it on thick. Davis is often saying dumb or self-depreciating things, and all other members of the cast seem to think he's a jerk and most of their comments toward/about him are mean, at least in some episodes.

This is one of the things that made me a Davis fan; it felt like he was the underdog more than he was the hero, and I do like underdogs.

There are also lots of Davis-bashing fics on fanfiction.net, particuarly Takari ones. I mean, Davis naturally lends himself to being bashed - something about him, it's very easy to write him being stupid or being picked on - but sometimes I think it goes a little far.

It's kind of strange; Davis is the main character of 02, the main hero, the Tai of 02, if you like. But he seems to be pretty unpopular among fans. I mean, there is a Davis fandom (and people who like Daisuke) but it's not very big compared to some.

Ah well. At least he gets lots of screen time, so those of us who DO think he's a cool character are happy enough. ^_^.

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