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>> Introduction <<

How to describe Davis?

Possessing a gentle nature...
...master of poise and refinement...
...carrier of the digiegg of Friendship...

"Hey man, you forgot to mention what a totally awesome lady's man I am!"

"Gee, how could anybody possibly forget to mention that..."

But, in a word...


"I can think of more appropriate words... the trouble is, they're not really polite enough to share."

"Hey, for your information, TS, I'm totally br- uh... what's bravado mean, anyway?"

I should say that this page contains info and images up to where they trap/defeat Daemon.

Name: Davis Motomiya
Japanese name: Motomiya Daisuke
Age: 11 (in Japanese version)
Digieggs: Courage, Friendship
School: Odaiba Elementary
Grade: 5 (in Japanese version)
Voice actor: Brian Donovan
Japanese voice actress: Kiuchi Reiko
Digimon: Chibomon - DemiVeemon - Veemon - ExVeemon
Special Digimon: Flamedramon (Courage), Raidramon (Friendship), Magnamon (golden digiegg)
DNA Digimon: Paildramon (DNA digivolution with Stingmon), Imperialdramon (Mega form of Paildramon), Imperialdramon, Fighter Mode
Family situation: both parents (still together), older sister June
Likes: Kari, food, sleeping, soccer, battling
Dislikes: cold weather, losing, the Digimon Emporer, waiting
Good points: honest, loyal, friendly, pulls his own weight, good leader, enthusiastic, kind, energetic, determined, courageous, forgiving, generous
Bad points: jealous/possessive, slob, arrogant, pig-headed, obnoxious, center of attention, impatient, impulsive, insecure
Dream: to get a date with Kari ^_^.

Davis is one of the new digidestined in 02. He has a new digivice and goes in through the computer club's computer into the digital world, along with TK and Kari. When in the digital world, he discovers his own Digimon partner, Veemon, and a digiegg that only he can lift. At this point in the series, no other Digimon can digivolve except for Veemon with the digiegg of Courage. So Tai appoints Davis as the new leader, as he is the only one who can do anything. (Until the next two episodes, when Yolei, Cody, TK and Kari get their digieggs. ^_^.)

To give you some idea of what Davis is like...

He's the sort to, when playing soccer, get lots of grass stains and scratch his knees - he really goes all-out, diving for the ball, hurtling across the field, never pausing.

I've seen more of the series since I first started making this site and called it Bravado. I think if I would sum up Davis in a word, it'd be "friend", but failing that, "nice". Underneath all his bravado, he is a reaaally nice guy. He didn't want to hurt anyone and resisted fighting MetalGreymon when they had to. He instantly forgave Ken despite the horrible things the other boy had done to him. When he was chewing out TK for not looking after Kari - and TK looked sad, agreed it was his fault and felt guilty - Davis went on to say that, well, it wasn't just TK's fault... ^_^;

In episode 2, he was clinging onto a rock with one hand... when Veemon fell past him, he let go to grab him. It was a bit of a stupid thing to do, 'cos it meant they both fell (though hand in hand), but very typically Davis.

Another 'typical Davis' scene (or coupla scenes) was the time when Ken was kidnapped. Davis just took off running after him until the truck was gone from sight. He sank to his knees and pounded the ground in frustration (a scene somewhat ruined by the dubbers' insensitive and crummy sense of humour).

Then Jim drove up and they gave chase in his car. They managed to keep on the truck's trail pretty well, but there was some pretty scary driving in the meantime - hairpin bends and very narrow misses. At this time, everyone in the car looks terrified. Veemon and Wormmon clutch at each other. Jim is very rattled. And there's Davis with this huge grin on his face, saying "hot dog! This is just like a movie car chase!"

(Later - okay, this is digressing a bit but it was a cool episode! - Davis, impatient and worried, goes off alone with Wormmon, on Raidramon to rescue Ken. He directs Raidramon to Heighton View Terrace, suspecting that is where the truck is headed. And it was. I would never have thought of that in a million years. And people say Davish is dumb! Beeeeda!)
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