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>> Relationships <<

Although Davis doesn't seem to get along very well with most of his friends, he is a great friend himself. He has the digiegg of Friendship, after all. He would readily give his life for any his friends, and they do care about him although they don't always show it.

Davis' friends
Davis' friends cheer him on at his soccer game

Yolei Inoue

Yolei is one of the other new digidestined. She has the digieggs of Love and Sincerity, and the two children have to spend a lot of time together, naturally.

There exists a kind of a love-hate relationship; Davis and Yolei are good friends but they fight a lot. They remind me of brother and sister... Yolei is bossy and hot-tempered, Davis is kind of rude and impatient, and the two do seem to get on each others' nerves.

Yolei getting bark-y

When Yolei gives her little speech about judging people sincerely, she says that people could be cool like TK, or "a jerk like Davis". (Davis' expression is rather funny at this point.) And when they were trapped in an off-shore oil platform, they got quite irritated at each other.

But there is not much real aminousity between the two; they seem like good friends who just quarrel/snipe at each other for fun. They have a kind of cute brother-sister type friendship. ^_^. When Yolei was worried about Cody and Ken not being friends, she compared them to Davis and herself - they don't even fight like we do, she said. I think that's their form of friendship, and it's cool. ^_^.

Cody Hida

Cody is another of the new digidestined, and he has the digieggs of Knowledge and Reliability.

Davis and Cody don't get along all that well either. They each think the other is kind of weird. You can almost see Cody trying to be patient with this weird, loud-mouthed older kid, and it's kind of funny. ^_^;; Cody sometimes makes little snide comments at Davis' expense and Davis would make the occasional comment about Cody just being a little kid.

To compare Davis and Cody's relationship to that of Davis with Yolei, I think it's harder for the two boys to relate to each other. Davis and Yolei are both emotional, hotheaded sorts of people, but Cody tends to think more, is more analytical and cold. Although Davis and Cody don't argue much, I think they are less close friends than Davis and Yolei are.

Because Cody is younger, Davis doesn't respect him so much, at least at first. This is kind of ironic, because Cody is a lot more mature than Davis is (perhaps Davis resents this). Nonetheless, the two *are* friends, albeit slightly awkward ones, and they are capable of getting along. They don't agree often, but that doesn't matter much... they learn to respect each other and trust each other. In the digiworld, after all, teammates do have to work together whether they're alike or not.

Cody and Davis

One episode I do like is "The Good, the Bad and the Digi", which has the kids thrown into prison. The girls are set free, leaving Cody and Davis stuck in the cell together. But because their minds are on getting free and helping the others, they don't argue at all - they're really on the same wavelength and they work together. Is not that picture CUUUUTE? ^_^;

TK Takaishi

TK is an "old new digidestined" - part of the new team, but also part of the old one. He has the crest of Hope and is a generally pleasant, friendly and good-natured person.

But there was a lot of hostility between TK and Davis. Davis was madly jealous of TK's friendship with Kari - and Kari would deliberately flirt with TK in front of him, which didn't help. TK is a patient and forgiving person, but it didn't take long for Davis' aggressive/annoying behaviour toward him to take its toll, and soon he was giving as good as he got.

It's a testosterone thing

Davis never manages to get TK's name right. It's like he's trying to show that he cares so little about TK that he thinks it's too much effort to even remember his name. I also remember a scene where Yolei, Cody and Davis were in the computer room, and TK came in. Davis glanced up, saw who it was and went back to looking at what Yolei was doing. Without acknowledging him or saying hi or anything.

Once, when the two were fist-fighting (don't diss the goggles or the hat ^^;;), Tai and Matt said it was good for them - after all, Tai and Matt used to fight a lot too, and it helped cement their friendship. This made it seem like Davis and TK would be the new Tai and Matt of 02 in terms of their relationship, but it didn't really work out that way.

Still, the two do end up as pretty good friends. I remember an episode where Davis was getting everyone's opinions on asking Ken to join them, and TK was the only one he didn't talk to... but TK was the only one who agreed with him. As of about halfway through the series, Davis and TK treat each other like normal friends and teammates, although I don't know that I've seen evidence of a strong friendship between them.

Kari Kamiya

Davis is a bit obsessed with Kari. ^_^;; He has a big crush on her and thinks she can do no wrong. In the first few episodes, it almost seems that Davis is only going to the digital world because he can be around Kari. He first used the digiegg of Courage because Kari was in trouble, and he loves the thought of being alone with Kari. ^_^.

Davis could be kind of annoying in his attitude toward Kari - it was obvious that she thought so, anyway! At first, Kari was often the only one he would listen to, and he wasn't very considerate of anyone else - especially potential rivals. Kari got annoyed at his constant advances and at his being mean to TK. It is pretty obvious that Kari does not return Davis' feelings, but Davis is not the brightest of individuals, and doesn't give up easily. ^_^;

It is obvious that Davis does care about Kari - it's not just some obsession or infatuation. He will put himself at risk to save her and look out for her. He does try a bit hard to impress her, though. He wanted Veemon to digivolve to Champion to impress Kari. Of course, Kari wasn't impressed...

Kari doesn't seem to like Davis at all, actually. She is usually irritated at him - scolding him, or deliberately not laughing at his jokes. She can be quite mean, which isn't her usual nature. But I think that's kind of realistic; I know that obsessive, unwanted, wanna-be lovers can bring out the worst in the nicest girls. ^_^; *just finished reading The Golden Road*

One little scene I did like was when everyone was working out which area they would work in to help clean up the digital world. Kari chose an area but Davis wanted it too. Earlier in the series, Davis would have gone "heheheheh, Kari wants it? it's all yours, enjoy!" but instead, he stood up to her and played Rock-Scissors-Paper for it (of course, he lost -_-.).

Ken Ichijouji

Finally, someone who Davis gets along with. Ken is probably Davis' best friend (along with Veemon), and I guess Yolei would be second. I think the friendship between Davis and Ken is very cute. Davis was the first one to want to give Ken a chance.

After Ken stopped being the Emporer, Davis offered his friendship pretty strongly and felt bad when Ken didn't accept it right away. Ken just felt bad and kind of confused and didn't want to work with the others. But after their hearts became one, their digivices reacted together, and their Digimon DNA digivolved, they sort of had to stick around together, or they wouldn't have been able to produce their strongest Digimon!

The boys work well together, and from their teamwork in battle came their friendship. We mostly just see those two in battle together and not interacting so much casually in the real world. I think Ken sort of becomes the one person who doesn't really make fun of Davis. He's too nice for that. Ken and Davis are opposites in some ways (more so in the original, I think) but they don't seem to clash.

When Ken was kidnapped and helpless, just before losing consciousness he whispered "where's Davis?" Awwwwwwwww. *sorry, I loved that ^^;* Meanwhile, Davis was doing his very best to catch up to him. It shows how much Ken had come to count on Davis. Earlier, Davis had gone against the advice of others and forsaken a digidestined meeting to go to Tamachi (where Ken lives) when Digimon had appeared there, to save him and help him fight. Davis always came through for Ken; around him, he really showed why he deserved that digiegg of friendship.

It was Davis' words and encouragement that finally defeated Ken's fears. Davis, surprisingly, understands Ken pretty well.

Before they became friends, Davis looked up to Ken. He was all excited about playing soccer against Ken's team, and kind of hero-worshipped him. After the match, even though Davis' team had lost by a lot, Davis was in a great mood because Ken had spoken to him and kind of complimented him.

Then, the next day in the digital world, the Emporer was at his worst. After being generally horrible and making Davis believe that his friends were going to die, he revealed himself as Ken. Davis couldn't believe that his hero was his worst enemy.

Davis and the Emporer

Davis reaaaally did not like the Digimon Emporer. He was always dissing him or getting mad at him. And the Emporer did more mean things to him than anyone else. Which makes it all the more cool that Davis was the first one to forgive Ken unreservedly. ^_^.

Tai Kamiya

Tai is one of Davis' role models. He's brave, a good soccer player, well-liked, nice... and he has goggles! Maybe Davis has some fascination with the Kamiya family. ^_^. Tai gave Davis his own goggles as a way of making him the leader of the new digidestined. Davis really cherishes those goggles, and wears them constantly.

Davis also gets the digiegg of Courage. He really does resemble Tai in some ways, but I would not call him a "Tai clone". If Davis is a bit like 01 Tai, he's not much like 02 Tai - Tai has grown up a lot and when those two are together, you can really see the differences between them. Tai is more cool, more in-charge and together.

Matt Ishida

Davis and Matt didn't get along very well at first. The fact that Matt is TK's brother, and the two tend to agree with each other, didn't help. Matt thought Davis needed to learn more respect, and more patience, and Davis was grouchy that this guy was trying to tell him what to do.

Male bonding ^_^. Cuteness!

The two end up respecting each other though, after they fought together. Davis can be disrespectful and too impatient, but he learns why friendship is important. Davis is the keeper of the digiegg of Friendship. Maybe Davis reminds Matt of a younger Tai; they did fight that way. ^_^. But Davis was happy to be accepted by Matt, he felt like "one of the guys".

Davis "Hey, finally a page where nobody's sayin' mean stuff about me!"

TK "Oh, we're just lulling you into a false sense of security."

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