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>> Family <<

Davis "June? What normal person wants to hear about my sister?"

Matt "June? June?! Where?! WAAAAAAAAUGH!" *runs*

Tai "Ah, young love."


June is Davis' older sister. In Digimon fandom, she seems to have even more avid haters than Davis does. These poor Motomiya... ^_^;; June actually does have a (small) role in the series, mostly centered around her being a guy-chaser, or more specifically, a Matt-chaser.


After Matt and Sora get together, she goes after Joe's older brother Jim instead. She briefly sees him when he drops Davis home after the Daemon battle, and decides that older men are the way to go. Davis comments that he feels very sorry for Jim. ^_^. She was very grouchy after Matt chose Sora but didn't take long to bounce back. ^_^.

June is the ultimate fangirl. Matt very obviously does not return her affections (he seems quite afraid of her *lol*) but she has dauntless enthusiasm and is pretty thick-skulled. (Sounds like she has something in common with her brother. ^_^.) She manipulates him into going out with her, attends his concerts and refuses to even consider that he mightn't like her back.

I think that June is actually a few years older than Matt.

Anyway, June appears every now and then. We first see her when she approaches Matt after his concert and asks for an autograph from him and TK. She says she gets all the cute boys to sign her shirt - it's covered with signatures, because she thinks all boys are cute.

She shows up again when Davis is off saving Kari in the digital world. Matt goes to the Motomiya house to make up some excuse for why Davis won't be home for dinner. June sees through the excuse. She says she can always tell when someone is lying, but she will overlook it if Matt will go out on a date with her - see you Friday at 8! She makes reservations for them at a very expensive restaurant. Matt is less than thrilled. Here is the lover, dreaming of his fair lady. ^_^.

Matt fuming at the thought of his date

June's third major appearance (in the first half of the series) is when Davis is going on a 'camping trip' with the others, as a cover for going into the digital world and staying there until the Emporer is defeated. Obviously, the last thing they want is a non-digidestined with them. But June, suspecting that Matt will be there, wants to go too.

She shows up to get a lift with Matt, Izzy and Tai, acting as though she's been invited. Tai makes Matt go and get rid of her, and he does by saying he has a present for her. He tells her to close her eyes and count to ten, and he will surprise her. She is so happy that he got her a present, and closes her eyes. Matt leaps back into the car and tells his dad to step on it. They leave her there. *lol*

She decides to believe that they left her behind accidentally, and gets a lift to the campsite with her grandparents. Unfortunately I can't remember a thing about them or I'd put something on this page about them. But she arrives, and the three boys are horrified to see her. ^_^. Fortunately, Davis and company return from the digital world soon after June arrives, so she doesn't have time to grow suspicious.

Matt's father comes to drive them home again, but with June, there is no room in the car for everyone. Davis is annoyed at her for coming when she wasn't invited, and wants them to leave her there. But Matt's father says this is mean, and has Matt take the bus with June. Matt looks like a fly in a spider's web, but has no choice...

She makes a few other, shorter appearances. Barrelling in to meet Matt before his concert. Thinking her family is weird. Complaining to Davis about her zit and telling him he has it easy. Heheh, she called her brother "Doofus". ^_^;;

I think most people don't like June because they're either Matt fans or just don't like obsessive, don't-take-no-for-an-answer people. I don't mind her; she's cute and she's got this kind of fun personality. She has a really pretty voice too.

Davis and June don't get along very well. They argue a bit and seem to have a typical brother-sister relationship. When Davis heard that TK and Matt had met his sister, he immediately went defensive, assuming that she'd been saying a lot of bad things about her, and he said he would teach her a lesson. Everyone got mad at Davis for dissing his sister.

"She's MY sister and if I wanna call her names, that's what I'm gonna do! After all, that's what brothers are here for!"

You tell 'em, Davis. ^_^.

I did not have enough cool June quotes to warrant putting them on the quotes page, so here are the few I have.


It could be just my imagination, but I think my family's gone nuts...

June: Can I go too?
Davis: Sure you can go! Go AWAY!

June: See you Friday at eight!
Matt: How did THAT happen?!

June: Will you sign my shirt too? I get all the cute boys to sign it! You may not know it, but I haven't washed this shirt in two years!
TK: There's not a lot of room...
June: I know, I think all boys are cute.

June: What are you doing?
Davis: None of your business.
June: Looks like you're packing for a camping trip.
Davis: It's your imagination.
June: Are TK and the others going?
Davis: I can't remember.
June: So then, is Matt going camping too?
Davis: Matt moved to another country.


I know very little about them. I do remember a scene where Davis is playing with DemiVeemon in one room, and the parents are laughing at a TV show in another room, and June sighs that she seems to be the only normal member of her family. ^_^.

We saw both of Davis' parents when Davis invited Ken to sleep over. All the Motomiya were very excited about having this genius in their house, and they wanted him to help Davis with his schoolwork because they spent a fortune on tutors for him. Davis gets his looks from his dad.


This is the only picture I have of Davis' mother. She is watching the news story about missing genius kid, Ken Ichijouji. In the background, Davis is forcibly ejecting June from his room after she pestered him with questions about the camping trip.

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